Our Mission


GROA is an association formed by the rowing community within the province of Gauteng to manage, control, train and promote rowing officials to provide all participating athletes a quality and fair sporting experience in a friendly, supportive, instructive and safe environment in terms of the Rules of Racing.,

GROA is a constituent member of Gauteng Rowing Association (GRA) who is in turn a constituent member of Rowing South Africa (RowSA), the overall controlling body of rowing and rowing related matters in South Africa, and shall be bound by the constitution of RowSA.

Neither GROA nor its members shall discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion and/or political affiliation.


  • To train, promote and foster the rowing Officials/Umpires within the province of the Gauteng, Republic of South Africa in liaison with South African Rowing Officials Commission (SAROC) and in terms of the guidelines as provided by them.
  • To develop and transform the Officials within the province in order to render the sport of rowing more representative of the diversity of the people of the Republic.
  • To ensure we have safe and fair racing both on and off the water and to regulate and control boat racing in terms of the Rules of Racing in the province of the Gauteng.
  • To borrow and raise funds in such a manner as the Association sees fit.
  • Generally fulfil all the objects of an Association, and to do all such things and carry out all such undertakings as may be for of incidental to such objects.

Rowing Officials Code of Conduct

As rowing officials we have a duty to provide all participating athletes a quality and fair sporting experience in a friendly, supportive, instructive and safe environment. To achieve this we need to:

  • Know the latest version of the RowSA Rules of Racing.
  • Be punctual, reliable, impartial and unbiased.
  • Behave appropriately and show respect and tolerance to all.
  • Contribute in a constructive manner, respectful of other person‟s rights and dignity.
  • Not engage in aggressive behaviour (verbal or physical).
  • Take good care of all property assigned to us.
  • Be sensitive to the needs of all athletes.
  • Take responsible action to ensure the safety of all.
As a rowing official, we also have the right to be treated with respect, express our personal opinions freely and participate in decision-making. We also need to accept our responsibility to:
  • Be objective and supportive to colleagues.
  • Attend meetings, participate in decision-making and abide by decisions.
  • Earn the respect of rowers, colleagues and supporters through our actions and behaviour.
  • Instill discipline and implement the Rules of Racing with consistency and fairness.
  • Be sensitive to the rowers needs.
  • Practice and instill sportsmanship by being firm, yet fair and respectful.
  • Exercise self-discipline and be accountable for our actions and decisions.
  • Strive for excellence and be professional.